The State We Are In

Finally my family and I are making it back to church. I find it hard during the winter months. Plus I usually get some horrible sinus thing that REALLY knocks me out now that I am unable to cough. Anyway, the service was pretty powerful. It brought the news in the world and in our country right to my ears. I try to avoid news. It’s usually bad and tends to depress me. The Trayvon Martin shooter  (the 911 transcripts are telling) and the Afghan rampage, that I tried to not care about, smacked me in the face on Sunday. Then the Wise Rev. Jen told her story in the sermon (Going to the Balcony) about fearing for her family because she was in the country with her wife and kids and getting stared at by the locals. Also the bits & pieces I’ve read about college girls getting call sluts from grown men, I’m starting to feel like the US is really slipping. I wonder if all the right wing rhetoric is really having an adverse affect on everyone. I’m starting to think that people like Rush Limbaugh and that Beck guy are just hate mongers. They should be charged with infighting hate crimes! They rally people to do their bidding in their small worlds. Do they not know that an ENTIRE WORLD is out there? People have banded together in other countries by utilizing social media. I think it’s time for the real Americans of the United States to say “knock it the fuck off.” Peace.