Bucket List

I need to start one. I’ve been so busy with my job and my family, that I just didn’t think about what I’d want to do “someday.”  I guess this is something else in the terminal illness process. What do I want to do before I die? Or before I am unable to function or enjoy it? I don’t know! I have just recently come up with some… travel, I guess is a big one, visiting with my good friends before they start to pity me, do fun things with Nicole, teach Kate how to be a lady (yeah me of all people!).

So I’d like to hear some suggestions… what’s on your “Bucket List?” What do you want to see and do before you kick the bucket? What is the coolest thing or place to explore? Where’s the best food on the planet?


20 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Well first of all you are an inspiritation to me…my dad recently passed away from ALS and he did not seem to fight…it was almost like he gave up because he had seen us grow up and do amazing things..but I always thought he was so worried about his children that he didnt get to live…but now after the fact he did live because we as his children were everything he wanted to do—anything we wanted to do he did and did it with pride…I suggest that you do whatever you want speak your mind tell friends how much you love them, tell family how you feel, live life! I recently went to Costa Rica for a adventurous trip (not a laying on the beach trip) and it was amazing—we went for 14 days and hiked, horseback riding, ziplined, it was the best trip I have ever been on! Do things that you have never done before, and I am with you on doing it before people pity you…because my dad did get to do some of those things he wanted to do before that and I saw that make him happy! Stay strong and I love hearing that you are living life. I have never met you before but I see what a great person you are…and I feel that if I can help one person live life to the fullest through the death of my daddy then I have done my job. My daddy always told me life is not always homeruns..but it was wonderful to play the game. Meaning that you are not always gonna get what you want in life but you have to make the best of it! Good Luck in your journey and LIVE LIFE!!! God Bless you!
    Virginia Barber
    Prattville, Alabama

  2. Go to Giverny in the spring. Drink wine in a cafe. See the Mona Lisa, even if they say she’s overrated.

    Ride a camel. An elephant would work, too. See the pyramids.

    Buy a suit from Chanel. Maybe a pair of Manolos, too–and yes, they do make flats.

    See a game in every major league ball park. Catch a few in the minor leagues, too.

    Go to Ellis Island.

    Go to Barcelona. Take in the Gaudi architecture, great food, and gardens.

    Learn to make the perfect crepe. Drink Dom Perignon.

    Let everyone you love know how much you love them. Then let everyone you’re only sort of crazy about know you care about them too.

    I love you, by the way.


    go to stonehenge but get on the only tour that actually goes INSIDE the circle at sunset.
    You can watch the sun set and touch and sit on the stones.
    it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.

    Andy and I will keep thinking.

    Love you…

  4. I’m with Julia…. Go to Giverny – it’s amazing. Before the wine, have cafe au lait and a croissant in a cafe where you can just barely see the church steeple from Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Or just gaze at the water in Bliss (NY) Bring the girls to see This Other Life on the patio at Abilene’s. Most of all – embrace your name!! Find JOY where ever you can. You’ve always been a strong-willed girl – you will continue to face this with grace and a smile.
    Love, JoEllen

  5. Have quality alone time with each of your friends and family members, at least the ones you really care about.

    Spend time thinking of the things you’ve done that you’re glad you already did–and give yourself a lot of credit for doing those things. A lot of people have done much less.

    I would go to Spain (Madrid, Salamanca, Barcelona), but that’s just me. I would also try to stay in a cabin somewhere in the Adirondacks just to be in the middle of a forest or on a lake while playing cards with friends.

    • I went to see a couple great plays on a hilarious road trip to NYC! And I finally saw the Statue of Liberty. She is awesome! Just an incredible architectural statue. Thanks, Dot for that gift!

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