Does it mean I’m not a feminist if I love pink?

The other day, my husband told me about a story on NPR about how princesses are bad for girls.

My 5 year old is super smart, artistic, musical AND loves science experiments. She also has been head over heels for Disney Princesses since she was 2! Now isn’t this a lot like the old argument about Barbie being a bad role model?

I remember pretending to be a princess when I was little. Every time I got in trouble, I would hope that someday my real parents would come get me and take me back home to the castle! I loved pink. Later on, my friends and I played with Barbies, and frankly, we never thought anything about Barbie’s freakishly big boobs because our dolls were too busy playing strip poker, getting divorces or becoming rock stars.

It seems to me that being a feminist and liking traditional girl toys/ideas is like being a lipstick lesbian these days. I’m raising 2 daughters. They like pink. Not all girls like pink… I liked pink as a girl… I still like it.

I know my 5 yr old is chomping at the bit to wear makeup and nail polish, but she understands that Mommy says not until you’re older. If some moms took the time to explain commercials and marketing, as well as we have in our house, then perhaps the manufacturing giants won’t be cramming pink down everyone’s throats. Parents are the ones pushing the kids to be older. I don’t plan to have a spa party for my Kindergardener, but the 10th grader is a different story!

Everything in moderation people. Did we get the full princess treatment at Disney World? Hell yeah! It’s a once in a lifetime chance. Treating little girls as if they are princesses, on an everyday basis, is not moderation. Not teaching your daughters about commercialism and consumerism at an early age, is NOT good parenting in our current society.

On the flip side, I enjoy taking care of myself by going to a salon or a spa. I like to be pampered. And what woman on her wedding day doesn’t want to be a princess?! Ok I wanted to be a rock star. But seriously, take back the blame and put it on the parents who can not stand up to their kids!

Moderation, folks –  and education, will keep your girls as girls and to grow into independent thinking women.


One thought on “Does it mean I’m not a feminist if I love pink?

  1. I love this post! I totally agree. I think too many times people get caught up in over-generalizing things they hear in studies or research. These polarizing mentalities about how “little girls can’t like princesses and Barbies and pink because it will reinforce the ‘I’m a weak woman’ mentality” or how “boys can’t play with dolls or like playing dress up because it isn’t what ‘real’ men do”. It’s all bullshit. Positive role models and caregivers provide many opportunities for children to experience a variety of interests, skills, etc. And I think you’re right, moderation and balance are HUGE pieces to the puzzle. So is information. Providing children with appropriate and valid information about how the media works, how people think, what perspectives are, etc. will help create intelligent, free-thinking, independent individuals.

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