Springtime in Rochester

Well it’s April 27th and it snowed today. Yep snow. Where the hell is spring?! This weekend it’ll be 80 degrees. So I guess we skip spring and go right to summer. Ugh. I love Rochester, but jees, enough with the friggin’ snow! I put up some photos that I took in 1996 at the Lilac Festival. Oddly, it was so hot there were no lilacs that year! I took pictures of the other things there: tulips, dogwoods, other blooming things. My photog friend, Jill Santi, insisted we take pictures at the Festival. I had this cool Kodak Pony camera that was my boyfriend’s. It was still when people shot FILM. I used to enjoy experimenting with old cameras to see what can turn out from them. That was a throw back to my RIT days. Before digital and the web.


One thought on “Springtime in Rochester

  1. Hello simplejoy,
    Your post caught my eye and made me smile. I used to live in Rochester and can still feel the chill of snow as late as Mother’s Day while trying to appreciate an abbreviated Lilac Festival. And the other thing was your photog friend Jill Santi. If it is the one I am thinking of, tell her Tim said hello and I still have my Minolta X700, I have expanded my Edward Hopper collection, and her picture of the Grand Island bridge has been the topic of many discussions everywhere I have lived since leaving Rochester.
    Thanks simplejoy and good luck wherever your path takes you.

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