Images of Farmwork Fundraising Art Exhibit

Tonight! Come join us!

Muddy Waters Coffee House
53 Main Street
Geneseo, NY

I haven’t exhibited work since the day my 5 year old was born!

I have 4 matted & framed color prints (from FILM no less!): 2 are of grapes in the fall, one is called Mr. Scarecrow (he’s sitting next to a pumpkin) & the last is Key Limes from Key West. (None of these are on my website currently.)

Hopefully, I will be able to tweet from there. A coffee house should by today’s standards have free wifi, right?

Here’s some shots from the night:

Joy Parker in front of 4 Simple Joy's Photos

My friends Lynne & Gretchen have pieces in this same shot. Lynne’s is behind me (sorry!) and Gretchen’s are the 2 on the top left.

Art Opening with The Gang



Meditation, Nature and Photography

I just finished a meditation CD of a retreat by Thich Nhat Hanh. The man is brilliant. I just love the sound of his voice. One of the things he talks about was walking meditations. I did a quick one during my retreat the other weekend. I’m thinking I’d like to do a walking meditation in nature. I grew up in the country and I’m seriously missing some nature. In fact, U of R just did a study about the effects of nature on people. I guess then the walking meditation makes alot of sense. Before it gets too cold, I should go off somewhere — I don’t know where — and bring my camera. Probably I should bring someone along for safety. Gees — where to go?

Fall is Here in Rochester, NY

Although today is 80 degrees. Seems like a cruel trick from Mother Nature. Our summer was cold and now Fall is hot! Thanks! I’ve posted my best Autumn photos. They were all taken with an SLR FILM camera, a few years back. I haven’t actually explored photographing fall with a digital camera yet. Too busy with work and kids these days. The trees are just starting to change here. Every time in the fall, I pass my 2 favorite spots on my commute, I wish I’d just gotten out and taken the damn picture already! Always in a hurry, never have time to get out and snap that shot. One spot is by an old red barn that has a huge tree that turns a gorgeous orange. I’d love to do a seasonal shot of that barn with the tree. The other shot is my look down the Erie Canal from the Ayrault Road bridge. I always make sure I look over there on my way to work every day. It’s my own “simple joy” that I treat myself to on an almost daily basis. My own little meditation on the run.